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1 On 1 Coaching, Changework, Trancework and Mentoring with Elvis
Elvis Lester provides Coaching, Changework, Trancework and Mentoring utilizing NLP, Hypnosis, Design Solution Coaching and Neurocise™.

His approach is decidedly "design solution oriented " and focuses on "what you want" and building upon your skills and strengths, your desires and dreams and how to inspire, outfit and motivate you to "take effective and maximum action" to make what you want happen in your life, your career and your relationships.

At the very core of Elvis' Programs resides MindFirst™ Training and Conditioning, what we refer to as Neurocise™ - Change and Trance as well as Training and education services to access and employ your higher powers of mind geared towards living your life with more passion, presence, power and poise. With Elvis' services and programs you will personally achieve a working knowledge and skill at utilizing the accelerated communication and performance "models" of NLP, Hypnosis and his systematic approach to achieving higher performance, Neurocise™. You will "Go First MindFirst" and then apply the resources, states, strategies and skills within your various roles and environments in your life you determine most beneficial. You will be equipped with advanced and accelerated skills you will acquire nowhere else. The expertise available from the models that Elvis has designed and integrated into a "positive and propulsive performance system" will help you to tailor your experience specifically towards evolving your own personal performance "system" of sensing-thinking-feeling-willing-acting.

Go For It! Contact Elvis today.
Do a "free interview" with him personally and
determine "Fit and Fix" of his services for you!
Ph: 813-221-5466

Take Coaching, Changework, Trancework or Mentoring with
Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, ACHMT
First-Ever Licensed NLP Change Master™ and
Master Trainer of NLP In Hypnosis™
Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Master Trainer™ (ACHMT)

Elvis will make it very clear from the 'get go' that working with him is not so much about dealing with "illness", "mental health dis-orders" or "diagnosed problems" (although those may come into play sometimes). IT IS ABOUT POSITIVITY, HEALTH AND WEALTH, well-being, excellence and enhancement. These are the reasons it is immensely effective and highly attractive, focusing on the avenues to positively "welcome", whole-heartedly embrace and address full-bore any performance issue and move towards solutions, making essential improvements and personal evolution and growth for maximum achievement.


TAKE POSITIVE ACTION NOW! Seize this opportunity. Participate in Coaching and Focus on what works.

Elvis will coach you in a secure, safe and totally encouraging and outrageously motivating environment with the primary agenda of providing you the assistance in "knowing" specifically what it is you want to accomplish or achieve in your personal life, your worklife, family and relationships, etc. and motivating and directing you to "take action" strategically (how) to make it happen in a manner that is well-balanced, highly effective AND PLEASURABLE FOR YOU personally.

You owe it to yourself to access these powerful resources and acquire this knowledge and put it into application in your life right now! Don't you!?!

If you'd like to speak with Elvis personally to obtain more information on coaching call 1-877-MindFirst or 813-221-5466. He'll personally discuss your specific needs and answer questions you may have regarding how coaching can help you improve personally, professionally and relationally.

  • Identity-Coaching™
  • Relationship Coaching
  • MindLife Balancing™ and Mastery
  • Performance Coaching
  • Leadership, Management and Employee Development and Performance Improvement

Click here for more detailed information on Coaching with Elvis Lester


Elvis invites you to take advantage of the mentoring program where you will learn how to apply NLP, hypnosis and his most effective changework, hypnosis and related models/technics. If you want to design an accelerated and advanced program for yourself so that you integrate these most powerful technologies into your work and life, this is the opportunity you should take advantage of now.

Elvis will design with you a model that will meet you where you are and take you beyond what you thought possible and personally provide you coaching, training and consulting services with a purpose. He will take the time to detail what you and he do so that it fits for you and what it is you are dreaming of accomplishing and doing in your life.

Click here for more detailed information on Mentoring with Elvis Lester



Transform Your Relationships and Behaviors for Optimum Performance

When you do Changwork with Elvis the very first thing he will do with you is determine what it is that you DO want and begin to focus upon how you can make it happen in your life. He will assist you in removing any barriers or binds, block or limitations so that you can take action daily to get what you desire to transpire in your life and relationships at work, at home and at play.

The changework that you participate in is highly influenced by NLP and hypnosis and is done specifically with your goals and outcomes in mind. By tailoriing the changework with you towards what it is that you are thinking and feeling and doing in mind, Elvis quickly utilizes your very own system and information and helps you integrate the necessary learnings and understandings of how you can improve your life and get desired results.

Then, the key is to figure out how to get you to take the necessary action - to put into play the very states, strategies and skills (and sequence) that will work for you to achieve desired state outcomes and directions. Changework using NLP and Hypnosis and the Design Solution Focus is powerful and life-changing and it works. That is what you expect, isn't it?!!

Click here for more detailed information on Changework with Elvis Lester


Elvis is a world-renowned expert and professional at hypnosis and conducting trance sessions using NLP, Neurocise™ (his own change model) and Ericksonian and Design Solution Hypnosis™.

With Elvis you will:

  • Experience Trance and how you personally experience and DO trance.
  • Learn Self-Hypnosis either through Individual or group sessions.
  • Do Trancework and Make powerful changes in your life and your relationships or performance.
  • Get Supervision and Learn how to do trancework and hypnosis.

Elvis is a National Board Certified Fellow in Clinical Hypnotherapy with 20+ years of experience.

Click here for more detailed information on Trancework with Elvis Lester

Contact Elvis by phone at 813-221-5466 with questions or to set an appointment or Email Elvis regarding how you can do Changework or Trancework with him.

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