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Priceless Opportunities for you to Evolve with Elvis
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Learn and put into action what you find here and "do more better" with the resources and experiences you can put into play for more fun and success. Go for it! Right Now! Because you can...

Appreciate and Accept your success! Can't you!

Yes You Can because all it takes is a little "know-how-now" and a "great-state" to start from and jump into action to "make what you want happen" in your life today. You Deserve it! Don't you!

We are excited about the various interactive media available through the Free Downloads area. Elvis is constantly developing media for you so keep checking this page as we will be adding them regularly.

Our downloads are loaded with positive suggestions, affirmations, hypnotic technics and highly persuasive language and activities to get you to "make the moves" to get what you want in your life... Right Now! Take advantage and watch-listen-learn-to-live your life more fully utilizing the tools, technics, training, trances and technology we provide you right here at LEARN USA.

PS: The downloads available here are also available at ExecuLearn Downloads

Feel free to contact us through our contact page via the site. Thank You.



Capture the essence of Elvis' work and mentality through experiencing "the Voice" of hypnosis, Elvis himself, providing you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of trance, hypnosis, NLP & Neurocise™. Elvis professionally records the audios in the MindFirst™ Studios for your learning pleasure taking every opportunity to provide you state-of-the-art experiences.

MindSets of Excellence - Get the Attitude!- Persuasion Elegance and Relationship Dynamics on the inside. How you "set your mind" with what you say yes or no to in how you think and feel and do in mind.

Mega-Stating More and More - .mp3/27 mg. - 15 minutes - Mix and blend great states to make a much more pleasurable and positive, empowering experience. Do it now! Why not?! A little noise in places - live recording - oh well! Music "Steps to Paradise" (

Deep Inside - 37 mg. - Enjoy a relaxing trance - be at ease - deep inside learnings - Live Event recording - MeetUp - NLP & Hypnosis of Tampa Bay. Music "All In A Dream".(

Conversational Trance & Conversational NLP - .mp3
Introduction to how you can Learn to communicate & relate in ways that lead others to experience their best operating States, Strategies, Skills and Resource States. Enhance your ability to motivate & persuade - influence with the power of NLP & hypnotic communication.

Psygiene™ - The Power of Psygienics™ - .mp3
Become more aware of how you do think and feel and evaluate, as well as how you assign meaning and "say and do and view" thinking inside - inmind. Allow your self to experience more clean, crisp and clear communications and relations between "you and you" - the most important relationship you have. This will then cascade into your relationshiips outside and improve not only their quality but also their value and impact. 13 minutes with mini-exercise

Check out my videos/.mp4's on Elvis Lester on YouTube. Here you will find several "videos" (actually audio with text and images) that will entrance and trance-form your experience of you. Take the time to "go inside" & get "Up" into much better states of mind & being.

Get Into A Great State

Identity-Forming - Determining Who You Are

Mega-Stating Exercise - Humor-Sentience-Courage

Feel Good Now Then

Check out our newest audio-mp3 (in video format) on

Headhunter Tips and Hints for the Hunt - Apx. 7 minute Video/Audio with Elvis Lester. What to do & What not to do to get the job of your dreams!

Conversational Trance & CNLP - Watch & Listen & Learn as Elvis Lester introduces you to CT & CNLP on YouTube.

Download from this site - Headhunter Tips & Hints for the Hunt - This is 33 mg - it may take a few minutes to complete download - best done with Firefox browser.



What? ScreenCast? Yes, that's right! You can view over the net on your computer presentations with audio and video along with guided instruction. Elvis provides you a comprehensive learning tool that will change the way you integrate and practice NLP, hypnosis, modeling, training, coaching and changework. ScreenCasts may include video, audio, presentations or guided web-tours to access resources.

Natural Tranquility - All In A Dream - Take a Trance through Yellowstone National Park with photos and voice (hypnotic of course) by Elvis and music by Howard Helm from Elvis & Howard's CD "All In A Dream" - Title cut "All In A Dream". Enjoy the "natural tranquility" you will achieve by watching, listening & learning how you can have peace of mind & body. Enjoy. 

Communicate Your Identity™ - View our very First ScreenCast hosted by This presentation introduces Identity Engineering & iVIBES Modeling & Marketing. Here I detail how "VIBES Drive" Customers to Do Business with YOU! 12 minutes in length. Voice Narration.

Professions of a Headhunter - An Insider's Guide to InFluential InterViewing - For nearly 25 years I've been an Executive Recruiter and for the last 10 years so has my wife, Donna. We have decided to give back a little and created this ScreenCast as a result of a lot of experience doing employment coaching and consulting. The emphasis is on using NLP & NT in InterViewing and InFluencing. Just click on the ScreenCast link and watch the video. Enjoy the Music, Voice & Guided Presentation and learn a thing or two. If you'd like me to answer any questions, feel free to email me.


Download word on a page inside of a pdf. Simple enough. Right? But wait, there's more. Audio and video inside a pdf. You bet! What a great way to experience and not just read along. Hmmm. Get ready 'cause its coming

Elvis' Fabulous Songs List - Music that is excellent for seminars, trainings, inspirational events and conferences.

Headhunter Hints For Interviewing - Employment Search


Subscribe yourself to various podcasts of the audio and video kind produced by Elvis Lester in the MindFirst™ Studios. 8 mp3's on various topics - Self-Hypnosis, MindSight, Progressive Relaxation, Breath of Life and more.

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New Feature
ExecuLearn Custom Audio & Video On-Site - .flv
Watch Presentations & Video, Listen to Audio with Graphics

Visit enjoy the audios, videos and screencasts Elvis has provided for you to preview. We invite you to share the link to the various media with your friends and look forward to your feedback about your experiences.

Also, you will find our HypnoSonics™ Department (at where you can listen to audio demos of each song on all our music albums so that you can "experience the music" and what it does for you up close and personal.

We appreciate your feedback! So, "Give Us Your Feedback" as often as you'd like about what you think of our downloads and what you'd like more of. We are happy to be of service to you and look forward to tailoring the resources here for maximum value and application.

Legal Notice
Elvis Lester is conducting business as LEARN USA. As owner and producer of this website, Elvis Lester owns, reserves all rights and claims copyright protection for all audio, video, multi-media products including ScreenCasts, webinars (recorded and live) as well as any graphics or text provided via the website (unless otherwise stated). Elvis Lester claims exclusive rights to all of the information and products as well as their written descriptions. No portion of this website may be reproduced whatsoever without the express written consent of Elvis Lester. This includes any copying, transferring, reproduction or transmission of any content or media, recorded or otherwise. Please note that our products are for educational and entertainment purposes. We do not offer the products found here on the website as an alternative to private treatment or healthcare related services. We considerately advise you to seek the advice and care of a qualified and licensed healing arts practitioner to address any concerns you may have prior to using our products. By clicking on and using our media or proceeding with the purchase of our products you confirm that you have read the above and agree to the LEARN USA Terms and Policies.

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