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Self-Hypnosis Audios, Music & Entrancing Programs

With HypnoSonics™ we help you create & generate the best of times in life so you can cherish & relish them for the rest of your life.

We invite you to click around, play with what you find & unwind on the inside so that you can enjoy the waves of relaxation & comfort that come so easily when you take the time to "take care of trance".

As one person puts it... "I will never forget your trance induction... that was one of the most relaxing moments in my life!"

Taking Care of Trance!

New Music now available: 3 Albums

  • Psynesthesia In Paris -2 Songs: Dreamstar & Psynesthesia
  • Nightscapes -3 Songs: Nightscape/Seak of Darkness/Distant Dawn
  • The Quietest Moments -10 Songs - Piano & Ambient, Strings

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With Neurocise Elvis Lester has created what he calls the "Model of Integrative Neuro-Logical Design" wherein he assists you in using MIND™ to make change and transformation inside first... MindFirst! Simply put "MindFirst Modeling... creating and generating the model, practicing and "owning" the states, strategies, skills and sequences mindfirst and putting them into action for the betterment of your life and maximum performance.

The idea of Neurocise may seem novel, but it really isn't. Throughout time we have known and continue to learn that what you do inMind first will pave the way to fame and fortune or vice versa. Take the time to "think it through before you do" and improve your performance by coming from your "Best Operating States, Strategies and Skills" and doing your very best you.

We invite you to check out our Neurocise™ department and enjoy the training and education opportunities Elvis provides you there to Go from "not knowing" to NowKnowing just what it takes to "make what you want happen" in your life and relationships.

Technics - Training - Trance
To Trance-Form You


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Design Human Engineering™ (DHE) combine to provide you wonderful tools, technologies and technics that will serve only to enhance how you live your life with more purpose, power, passion and poise.

Elvis has spent 20+ years studying and mastering both NLP and DHE™ and has created awesome products just for your pleasure and improvement. Take advantage of these as opportunities to learn and to evolve... with Elvis... because you can... Can't You!?!

Check out our technics, trances and trainings we provide you here for your own personal evolution and transformation.

Let Elvis be the guide for you to NLP (that's nelp) your Self!

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Seminars Events.

Taking Care of Trance!

With hypnosis you will experience your own "hypnotic abilities" from the inside out. What a wonderfully refreshing and revitalizing experience "trance" provides you to release and "let go" for more relaxation, tranquility, vibrance and peace of mind.

Through self-hypnosis practice using audio and video, Elvis will guide you into "how you do trance" and teach you about hypnotic phenomena you are likely good at doing without even knowing it. With more skill and grace and acceptance of your god-given abilities and talents, you will enrich and enliven your experiences with more intention and attention to how you do run your brain with more ease and elegance "hypnotically". Take the time to... "Take Care of Trance." Learn about your hypnotic gifts and talents that can trance-form who you are and how you behave and perform.

HypnoSonics™ Music

Sounds and vibes for the unconscious you say. Hmmm, does the unconscious really respond to sound and music, rhythm and vibes? Well why don't you find out for yourself and give our music and recordings a chance now to help you go into a deep and refreshing trance state of mind.

HypnoSonics™ music is created and formed from the sole idea that first and foremost what we experience through our senses influences us to our very core, who we are and how we behave and perform. Whatever form it takes, whether sound, music, hypnotic communcations or trance, they all come together and create a blend and mix of experience to rejuvenate and enable you to take solace for your mind and body and being.

These are real opportunities to get into those most highly valued and coveted states that you are most capable of doing. That's what we have in store for you here with HypnoSonics™, entrancing, musical soundscapes that relax and soothe and smooth and help you to balance your way of being for more comfort and pleasure and to be at your best so you can enjoy your life much more fully.

We welcome you to Visit...

For more information on music and entrancing downloads.

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