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Purchase All 5 Private Practice Building Products
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Our Mission is to help you Improve Lives &
Make More Money NOW!

Our goal is to help you save time & get accelerated results!

Marketing Your Practice to Success &
Managed Care: Are You Catching it or is it Catching You!?

Design Solution Coaching Kit (DSC)

Complete with DSC Manual, Handouts, Worksheets, Exercises, Forms (notes, intake, assessment, much more.) AND over 20 AUDIO .mp3s for your learning! 100 + pages

  • 15 Years in Development & Use in Private Practice
  • A mix & blend of NLP, Ericksonian & Neurocise.
  • Modeled after Design Solution Modeling

    On Sale for $69 - Digital Download Version
    Regular $99

Design Solution Therapy Kit (DST)

Complete with DST Manual, Handouts, Worksheets, Exercises, Clinical Forms (Solution notes, intake, assessment, much more.) AND over 20 AUDIO .mp3s for your learning! 150 + pages

  • 15 Years in Development & Use in Private Practice
  • A mix & blend of NLP, Ericksonian, Brief Therapies & Neurocise.
  • Pre-Purchase Now and get the DST Webinar Series Free!

On Sale for $99 - Digital Download Version

Regular $149

Complete with DST Manual, Handouts, Worksheets, Design Solution Questionnaires, Exercises, Clinical Forms (Solution notes, Design Solution Proces...sing & Modeling, Intake forms, Notes, Assessment/Therapy Plans, much more.) AND over 20 AUDIO .mp3s for your learning! 150 + pages

A great tool to train yourself in generative models for change - Milton Model & Meta Model language patterns & questioning techniques to develop desired state conditions.

Check out the Contents:


Attain Practice Success with Powerful & Proven Breakthrough Resources, Strategies and Skills! Take Action NOW! Start your own Private Practice! Build or Enhance Your Practice SUCCESS!

Get ALL 5 Practice Products and SAVE $150+ off the full price!
Regular Price: $350
Digital Download Version - Automatic Download

The "Complete Set" comes with Downloadable files of each program providing you with each and every file of all Practice Building Products.

See Individual Products and Order Information below. Check out our Practice Building Specials!

Check out each individual product for more details on each product! What you will receive is truly Amazing! Just click on product links to purchase! Each Kit is now on sale for only $34.95. All products are fully ready to use in your practice with ease saving you hundreds of hours of development! You can customize, revise or print out any and all files on each product to your hearts delight!

At LEARN USA, it is our belief that results are compounded many fold whenever synergistic and synectic approaches are taken towards success. That's why Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, creator and developer of the Practice Building Products, put together this special mix and blend of resources, strategies and skills for you and your practice to become even more successful. What you'll notice is that all products offer you Powerful and Proven Solutions to operate your practice with skill and ease providing you the means to invest your time and money pursuing EXCELLENCE, not paperwork!

We are certain that you will appreciate and benefit from LEARN USA's Practice Building Products! To order Practice Building Products just click on the product you wish to order. Download keys will be sent to you via email automatically for download of your product.

If you ever have any questions, we are just a phone call away! 1-877-LEARNUSA. It's our job to make sure you have all the information necessary to make you have all the information necessary to make use of use of Practice Building Products for Success. We are happy to assist you in accessing the resources to enrich your practice!

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Start Your Own EAP Program Now
Learn USA

EAP Start-Up Kit! Complete Employee Assistance Program from A-Z!
Start your own EAPs for businesses in your area!

$70 - Digital Download Version

Achieve your measure of SUCCESS! Start your own EAP Business NOW! EAP Success Products has received national recognition and acceptance!

This kit will save you at least 50-100 hours of work and help you to establish yourself as a leading provider of Employee Assistance Services in your area! The kit includes a proposal, contract, forms, letters, brochures, service manual, supervisor training manual, utilization reports and much, much more! All you need to start and provide Quality EAP Services to companies and organizations in your community. Over 125 pages. Customize it as you wish directly on your word processing program. Little to no downtime involved. Customize your own Employee Assistance Programs.

You will have access to each and every form with their filenames for quick and easy professional use. The digital version is provided to you in Microsoft® Word format. The files can be converted to Word for Mac and WordPerfect.

Brochures, Marketing Letters, Proposal, Contract, Supervisor Training Manual,
Employee Orientation and Presentation, Therapy and Case Management Forms,
Drug-Free Workplace Policy and much, much more! Unbelievable!

Don't let Managed Care take business from you or dictate how you do business. Don't settle for the rear end of managed care. Start your own EAP Business Right NOW! Take your place as the frontline provider of EAP Services in your community.

Order directly from this website by adding EAP Success Products to your shopping basket.

We are happy to assist you in accessing the resources to enrich your practice!
Take Action NOW!

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Solution Handbook - Welcome to Solution Land!
Learn USA

The Brief Therapies Solution Handbook
Welcome to Solution Land!

$70 - Digital Download Version

Now you have access to the actual models of:

Brief Strategic Therapy - The MRI Model
Solution-Focused Therapy - Brief Family Therapy Center
Ericksonian Brief Psychotherapy - Milton Erickson Institute
Brief Solution-Oriented Therapy - William Hudson O’Hanlon
Brief Solution Therapy - Elvis Lester, ExecuLearn®

You will receive an overview of each model, including concepts and premises along with Interviewing questions and Solution Tools: Structured Brief Therapy Guidelines and The Solution-Process, Creative Forms for therapy including Solution Notes (several), Solution Questions (worksheet format), Solution Worksheets (client and therapist) to move the client towards Solution Land.

With this digital version of The Brief Therapies you will have access to each and every document and form with their filenames for quick and easy professional use. The digital version is provided to you as Microsoft® Word documents. The files can be converted to Word for Mac and WordPerfect. If you have any questions or need assistance just contact us by phone at 1-877-LEARNUSA.

Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, NBCFCH, CHt, CPT, attended intensive trainings in each of the above therapies from the creators of each Brief Therapy listed above. His goal was to learn and integrate each of these approaches into his private practice and therapy he provides. Consequently, he has developed The Brief Therapies - Solution Handbook, Brief Solution Therapy and Solution Tools and Techniques integrating his personal and professional experience with clients.

These techniques and tools are tried and proven to work effectively. Many clients receive benefits after just one session & return ready to go forward, lifeward into Solution Land fully. You will definitely enjoy and appreciate this unique presentation of Brief Solution Therapy and the Solution Handbook. It is complete, thorough and focused on providing you with powerful and effective solution tools. You will now have an even more comprehensive, practical and skilled set of interventions that you can help your client with and become proficient in Brief Therapy.

If you buy any Brief Therapy product this year, make this the one you do. Thank you for your order!

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Individual and Group Substance Abuse/Relapse Prevention Program
Learn USA

Design Solution Sobriety™
W elcome to Sobriety Land!

$70 - Digital Download Version

Complete Relapse Prevention and Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Its GREAT! Tried and Proven!

The Design Solution Sobriety Program, DSS, is designed for practitioners working with groups and individuals who experience Substance Abuse issues including use, abuse and early stage addiction to substances.

The DSS Program is complete with rules, patient and program guidelines, presentations, handouts, worksheets, exercises, marketing materials and letters. We provide you, the practitioner, with the information digitally so that you may tailor the entire program as you'd like to meet your client's own personal needs and requirements.

Forms, Rules/Guidelines, Policies, Therapy Notes/Craving Worksheets,
Educational Presentations, Flyers, Marketing Letters and More!

DSS works especially well with those individuals who have been referred from a company with a Drug-Free Workplace Policy and requires Substance Abuse Education and /or treatment. It has also been proven effective as an outpatient program for Relapse Prevention. Complete, thorough and useable.

When you purchase the program you are licensed to provide your clients with copies of the handbook as needed. We are available to consult with you personally should you require assistance in designing a program to a company's specifications.

You will have access to each and every form with their filenames for quick and easy professional use. The digital version is provided to you as Microsoft® Word documents. The files can be converted to Word for Mac and WordPerfect.

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Handbook, Exercises and Worksheets
Learn USA

Coming from the heart courting attraction and Making Contact!
Exercises for Pleasure-Full and Productive Relationships

$70 - Digital Download Version

Over 50 Sequential Exercises for Pleasure-Full and Productive Relationships! This Program can be used as a Workshop or Couples Therapy Handbook. Complete Relationship Counseling Model with Client Worksheets and Handouts. Excellent Value!

It is a well known fact that many marriages, relationships and partnerships simply go broke as a result of not having the strategies and skills to effectively get what they want. Experience proves that each person in a relationship must take action, specific action, for fulfillment and creation of the Desires of each mate or partner to be realized. Relationship Dynamics require constant and never-ending updating and upgrading. A process of transformation and enrichment must be in place for the relationship to grow and to thrive.

With this product, designed and delivered from hundreds of hours of therapy with couples pursuing their dreams, you will provide a thorough, productive and enlightening set of sequential strategies and skills to your clients and couples. The exercises have been developed over a ten year period of time using NLP, Design Solution Therapy™ and just plain common sense. They will work for your clients if they do... apply the strategies and tools and unfold the success sequences identified.

Solution Land does exist for the couple in trouble or living in Problem Land. But, you know as well as I, that you, as a provider, must give them tools, or at least help them access the tools, that will assist them along the way to what they really do want... happiness, cooperation, communication, contribution, and much, much more. By providing your clients with this couple’s Handbook of over 50 Action Exercises, strategies and tools, you’ll be giving them a chance to...


How prepared are you to help your clients or couples in need? Do you have a structured and successful program with tried and proven strategies and tools for couples counseling? What must you do to ensure that your clients have the best opportunity they could possibly have to improve their relationships!? What are you willing to do to help your clients achieve the relationship of their dreams!? Your quest must be to help them to know what they gain by taking specific action steps towards Solution Land and Relationship Success.

Take Action NOW!
Get these strategies and skills and deliver them to your clients!

Have your clients take them and do them in their own environment... and then, track the results. Talk about what it has done for them when they really do apply the specific strategies. We want everyone to have the opportunity they deserve, to live a fulfilling relationship!

You will have access to each and every exercise, worksheet and form with their filenames for quick and easy professional use. The Downloadable version is provided to you as Microsoft® Word documents.

Learn USA
Complete Private Practice Kit - Tried and Proven!
Learn USA

Start or Enhance your Private Practice Right NOW!
Complete Private Practice Kit!

$70 - Digital Download Version

Over 250 pages of essential forms, letters, notes, and more! All forms, letters, notes, policies/procedures are available as downloadable files. This product will provide you with an organized system that will make your practice run smoothly and save you (or your secretary) hundreds of hours of downtime that you could invest in helping your clients and building your practice!

You will have access to each and every form with their filenames for quick and easy professional use. The files are provided to you as Microsoft® Word documents. Just print out the copies to make your own hard copy for reference.

Improve lives and Make More Money NOW!

Sections Include:

  • Assessment-Complete with over 25 essential therapy forms, releases, therapy notes, client worksheets and more. Excellent!
  • Brief Solution Therapy-A complete Brief Therapy model provided with guidelines, forms, notes and client worksheets.
  • Case Management- Accounts Receivable policies, tracking and billing and collection forms, referral forms, therapy forms (over 25)
  • Managed Care- 20 proven letters to help you market and communicate professionally with MC providers and get on MC panels.
  • Marketing Your Practice- 14 Marketing Letters to introduce your practice and services to schools, physicians, churches, businesses, Marketing Plan/Strategies and effective case management techniques that are tried and proven to work.
  • Practice Management- Practice guidelines, procedures for new patients, fees, referrals, secretarial activities/duties, independent contractor application and contract and much, much more! Organized, useable and practical!


Order directly from this website in a "Secure" environment! Or call LEARN USA now at 1-877-LEARNUSA.

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