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Neuro-Linguistic Programming or "Now Let's Play" - You Decide and You Design
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NLP tips, technics, trance and trainings to help you transform "who you are and what you do" right now!

Take advantage of any situation, issue or challenge and turn them into invaluable opportunities in your life. Learn and utilize the cutting-edge tools and technologies provided here to "take charge of your mind and life to achieve breakthrough performance".


That's right you heard it right... Elvis Lester will Record a technic "per your request" if he hasn't already recorded it.

Just Email Elvis and put the name of the technic in the subject line and he will add your request to the cue and notify you when it is complete. OR contact Elvis by phone at 813-221-5466 and discuss what technics you desire and he will glad to accomodate you. He is "smokin'" hot recording daily. Take advantage of this unique offer today!

There's nothing like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and DHE (Design Human Engineering™) when it comes to changework or powerful interventions as it is in a class of its own. Elvis shares with you here powerful NLP technics and background information on how to DO NLP elegantly and effectively.

So, take the time to "experience the difference" that NLP can make in your life and your way of being, and "Do some NLP" with Elvis Lester, the first-ever and only Licensed NLP Change Master™ and Licensed Master Trainer of NLP In Hypnosis™ (Designated by Dr. Richard Bandler and John La Valle of the Society of NLP).

Tips, Technics, Trance and Trainings...
Tools to Trance-Form Your Talents™
For Breakthrough Performance!

Short and sweet and very pleasureable learnings available for you just when you need them the most. On-time Anytime. Always available in the "right mix and blend of resources" to "get what you want!"

Elvis is looking forward to sharing a wide variety of technics he has developed from over 30+ years in the private practice of changework and trancework. He has studied directly with Dr. Richard Bandler since 1989 and his expertise is unmatched in the use of NLP and DHE in performance improvement and mindlife balance and mastery. He blends NLP (and DHE), Hypnosis and what he calls Neurocise™ into a special and unique mix of tools and technolgies for trance-formation and evolutionary results.

Learn and DO NLP and DHE™ Changework technics with Elvis Lester.

We trust that you too are looking forward to doing daily technics to enhance your relationships, your performance and most of all your brain and body, being-behavior.

FYI: Elvis provides Changework, Coaching and Trancework for those who want to experience the difference that NLP, DHE and Elvis' technics can make in empowering and inspiring you to "do more better in your life". Thank you!

Click for more info on Elvis 1 On 1 Services
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Six Step Reframe - Short Form - Technic
Accessing Great Resource States - Shaping New Behaviors
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Elvis guides you through the NLP Technic Six Step Reframe.

Identify outdated behavior & what you want (Desired State), Create & Access resources, integrate these unconsciously & evaluate effectiveness (ecology check). Tried & proven technic to improve your performance or results behaviorally. Hypnotic in nature.

10 mg - 5.0 minutes
NLP & Hypnotic Communication (with music)

Cost: $2.95 (Regular $4.95)
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Intro to Rapport Building with What You Know
Making Contact and Holding Client InMind - JUST RELEASED!
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Elvis introduces you to the "Elements of Rapport" that we can work with to pace, match and lead for client success. Here you will learn about some unique ways to build rapport and open your mind up to becoming more masterful at this high level persuasion skill we call Rapport.

What's inside:

  • Gathering specific information to work with - identifying key processes in play
  • The Spirit of Inquiry and how to focus on what the client is spinning up inside
  • Getting FIRED UP - mini-exercise - to increase focus and intention and be more deliberate in how you use rapport as a skill
  • Using the iVIBES Model to track these elements of identity, values, intention, beliefs, expectation and states
  • Holding the client in mind and use fast time to slow down to gather more complete information
  • Trance technic to integrate what you learn... suggestive of course.

32 mg - 15 minutes (with music) - Training, Trance and a sweet Technic.

Cost: $4.95 (Regular $9.95)
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Circle of Excellence - Technic
Accessing Great Resource States
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Elvis guides you through the Circle of Excellence NLP Technic like no other.

Identify, Access, Amplify and Anchor your best Resource States and utilize the Circle of Excellence to re-access and apply great states to achieve Desired State Outcomes. Design, Practice and Implement your "Best Operating States and Skills" with the expert assistance Elvis provides with his attention to detail and "driving and invigorating" approach on this technic.

Go For It! Take Action! Use the Circle of Excellence
to get what you want and perform at your peak.

20 mg - 6.5 minutes (10 minutes with music)
Training, Trance and a sweet Technic.

Cost: $4.95 (Regular $9.95)
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Important Information regarding use of materials
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The author(s) & the publisher(s) do not prescribe any of the materials, techniques or concepts presented in these written materials or on the audio(s) as a form of treatment or therapy for any illness or disorder, mental, emotional or physical. It is not the intent of the author(s) & publisher(s) to diagnose or prescribe treatment or therapy. The intent is to offer health & mental health related information to assist you in working with any health or mental health related specialist you may choose, now & in the future, recognizing that within the health, medical, mental health, dietary, & exercise fields there are widely divergent viewpoints & opinions.  Before beginning any practice related to health, medical, mental health, diet or exercise, it is highly recommended that you first obtain the consent & advice of a recognized medical or mental health professional.  Should you choose to make use of the information contained herein yourself, without first consulting a health or mental health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your right. However, the author(s) & publisher(s) do not assume any responsibility whatsoever under any conditions or circumstances.  It is strongly recommended that you do not listen to the audio while you’re driving or operating an automobile/motor vehicle or equipment. Thank you.

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NLP Changework, Coaching and Trancework
Change Your Trance and Change Your Life
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NLP, DHE™, Hypnosis, Neurocise®. Coaching, Changework and Trancework with
Elvis Lester.

Changework with Elvis Lester

Go For It! Take a changework session with Elvis Lester. Via the phone, Skype or in-person (Tampa, Florida). Elvis will interview you, design an intervention just for you and where you are now and help you take your life to the next level with NLP and Hypnosis/trance. Sessions usually last 1-2 hours including the initial interview.

Coaching with Elvis Lester - Getting Started!

Take Coaching with Elvis Lester 1 On 1. Elvis utilizes NLP and Hypnosis in coaching to assist you in identifying what it is you want and how to make it happen. Most all coaching is either conducted through one-to-one contacts either in-person, by telephone or via the internet. A combination of learning and deliberate practice will be designed just for you to create a 'model of excellence' for your growth and establish multiple pathways to mastery for your development personally, professionally and relationally.

  • Identity-Coaching™
  • Relationship Coaching
  • MindLife Balancing™
  • Performance Coaching and Consulting
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Employee Performance Improvement

Trancework with Elvis Lester

When you contact us indicating your wish to purchase coaching Elvis will contact you within 24 hours (or sooner) to discuss your interests and determine fit for you and his services. Thank you.

Experience Trance - Find out how you personally experience and DO trance.

Learn Self-Hypnosis - Individual and group sessions

Do Trancework - Make powerful changes in your life and your relationships or performance.

Get Supervision - Learn how to "do hypnosis" and trancework.

Learn USA
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