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Elvis Lester is an Amazing Hypnotherapist
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When you have a passion and are "on-fire" for something, like hypnosis, it just comes easy to you. And that is how it should be...

Simply enjoying yourself fully, creating and generating, and sharing with others beautiful and simplistic albeit powerful and life-changing, phenomenonal experiences that are well worth your time and investment. Aren't they!

C'mon! You Deserve It! Take the time to Take Care of Trance! Go Inside...

Deep Inside from on high and come from a MindSet of Excellence!
Achieve what you want beyond your wildest dreams!

Elvis on Hypnosis

Undoubtedly, my favorite tool as a changeworker and transformation artist, I'd have to say, is hypnosis. More than any other method, I'm most comfortable using hypnotic interventions in the work that I do. There's not a doubt in mind that it is because being personally good at "doing trance" is one of my most truly valued gifts and talents that I treasure. This experience (and ability), personal and deep, has helped me help others to do so much better in an ever-widening variety of situations. The primary reason I am able to do that is due to the fact that I believe...

You can do trance so very well yourself!

It only makes sense to me that I provide others, as best I can, multiple opportunities to learn from these wonderful experiences. One way I know I can do that is through our HypnoSonics™ music and downloadable media we offer here.

When I put on one of the songs or cd's, or listen to the trances myself, I am immediately transported to what I often refer to as "tranceland". By going deep inside and releasing, clearing, centering and balancing through breath and letting go physically and mentally, I reach another time and place, a space that is thoroughly enjoyable, peaceful and pleasurable. I aim to keep it "clean and free", to preserve and protect this space and experience with a deep respect for this ability to "go into trance".

The music and technics, trances and mini-trainings you will find here are designed specifically for this, to provide you a space of opportunity where you can "go into trance", relax and release and unwind, just let go. Let your mind drift and let your body feel free and appreciate the trances and good vibes for what they are, sounds and vibrations, "sayings and doings and viewings" that allow us to experience what we will inside growing comfort.

I also feel this way about "inductions" and "trances" that I design for others. I intend to preserve for them the essence and the best of what they bring and help those I do "hypnotize" entrance themselves in their own unique and extraordinary ways. I am always mesmerized by what others are able to do with their "hypnotic talents" and abilities as I hold a deep appreciation for that genius we all share and have in common.

Here on this page, I invite you to explore and discover "Hypnosis and trances" to help you on your "journey to and through tranceland". Of course, I will "go first" and offer the very best tools I can for you to...

Trance-Form Your Talents
and Do Your Very Best You!

Take adavantage of the treasures that await you here! Welcome and invite others to come along with you on the journey. We can all use a little "trance-formation" now and then, can't we?!? Explore the media below for your own entrancement! Be cautious though, you wouldn't want to much pleasure and enjoyment in your life right now would you? :)

You decide and you design your life for the better!

Thank you!
Elvis Lester

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The OptiMind™ - Intro to MindLife Mastery™
Self-Hypnosis Triple Induction

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The OptiMind™ - (Audio - 52mg - 25 minutes, Triple Hypnotic Induction by Elvis Lester & HypnoSonics Music - The Journey Begins)

Introduction to MindLife Mastery™ ©

Access & utilize The MIND Model & Advanced MINDynamics for Personal & Professional Success Conditioning.

Propel your life & performance towards the Optimum Zone with NLP, Hypnosis & Design Solution Modeling.

  • Maximize the opportunity to propel your performance to the next level.
  • Install a Propulsion System for Personal & Professional Mastery!
  • Increase confidence, awareness & sensory acuity!

Special Price: $19.95 (Regular $29.95)


The MindLife Mastery ™ Series Includes - Coming Soon!:

  • Design Solution Living™
  • MindLife Mastery™
  • MindPeace™
  • Take Action Now
  • The MIND Model ™ & The Design Solution Model™
  • Meta MINDynamics & MindFrames of Excellence!
  • Desired State Design for Mental-Emotional Mastery
  • Peak Performance States, Strategies & Skills
  • State Control & Anchoring
© ExecuLearn®

For over 20 years now, Elvis Lester has been researching & applying success conditioning strategies in life. His pursuit of excellence has now transitioned into many unique & powerful opportunities for you & those interested in exquisite & elegant lifestyles of zest & zeal, passion & excellence.

Elvis’ groups & Education Programs are proof & evidence that learning pays off with each new discovery you make along the way unfolding the sequence of success in your own life. With the DSL™ (Design Solution Living) technology & Elvis’ coaching & modeling ability you will create & generate more than you’ve even thought possible. Your emotional states, belief system & behavioral abilities will magnify manifold, quickly with your investment. Yourself being the ticket. Excitement, happiness & even more satisfaction in life is waiting... just on the other side of your mind.

So, why not make a commitment to you today & decide to Master your own MIND?! Learn the most advanced strategies & skills on the face of this planet & truly transform your mind & life! Your MindLife! In all Life Zones you will gain more mastery... Values, Intentions, Beliefs, Emotions, Behaviors & Relationships both with yourself & the ones you love. Contact Elvis Lester at for information about the upcoming MindLife Mastery™ Audio Series.

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Design Solution Self-Hypnosis ™ - DSSH™
Self-Hypnosis Process to "Get What You Want" with Relaxation & Peace of Mind

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DSSH™ - Focus on Desired State Generation and Get Stress-Release for Peace of Mind

What is Design Solution Self-Hypnosis, DSSH™?
Teaching you how to enter trance and then design solutions to issues and conditions in your life is the major goal of DSSH™. When you learn trance through self-hypnosis you begin to explore the realm of the mind utilizing what we call self-hypnotics, autogenics & hypnotic phenomena... some of the most powerful processes known to mankind. We do say known to mankind because you do know these processes. Enjoy DSSH™ for a welcomed introduction into TranceLand now!

Includes an actual audio-exercise that leads you hypnotically through the self-hypnosis process to create a powerful, pleasurable and productive experience today! Very entrancing and very relaxing.

With this product you get three (3) downloads:

  1. Design Solution Self-Hypnosis Explained
  2. Design Solution Self-Hypnosis Exercise
  3. Design Solution Hypnotherapy Process

Zip file for easy download. Once you purchase you will receive an email with download instructions. 73.79 mg download

Special Price: $9.95 (Regular $14.95)

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Self-Hypnosis, Tools for Trance-Formation and Transformation

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Taking Care of Trance!

Hypnotic Technics - That's right! Pretty simple yet profound tools for you to trance-form your state, enhance your strategies and skills and abilities to make your life what you want it to be each and every day of your life. Take the time to "go inside" into what we call trance, to really relax and to become more creative, even more curious and inventive so that you can live the life of your dreams TODAY! Can't you... use a little time to "refresh" your self and unwind, get a little relaxation and use your imagination with ease.

HypnoTechnics™ coming soon! Keep visiting!

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Elvis Model of How he does Hypnosis with NLP, DHE™, etc.
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Custom Hypnosis Recordings

On occasion Elvis will design and record individualized trance sessions he refers to as "Neurocise" for you based on an evaluation of your needs through direct consultation with you. He will gather specific information about desired state conditions, suggestions, issues and challenges and create and tailor a trance induction (with changework/trancework) and provide this as a "ready-to-go" recording you can use for personal trance-formation. For those interested, email Elvis for a custom trance recording.

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Important Information regarding use of materials
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The author(s) & the publisher(s) do not prescribe any of the materials, techniques or concepts presented in these written materials or on the audio(s) as a form of treatment or therapy for any illness or disorder, mental, emotional or physical. It is not the intent of the author(s) & publisher(s) to diagnose or prescribe treatment or therapy. The intent is to offer health & mental health related information to assist you in working with any health or mental health related specialist you may choose, now & in the future, recognizing that within the health, medical, mental health, dietary, & exercise fields there are widely divergent viewpoints & opinions.  Before beginning any practice related to health, medical, mental health, diet or exercise, it is highly recommended that you first obtain the consent & advice of a recognized medical or mental health professional.  Should you choose to make use of the information contained herein yourself, without first consulting a health or mental health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your right. However, the author(s) & publisher(s) do not assume any responsibility whatsoever under any conditions or circumstances.  It is strongly recommended that you do not listen to the audio while you’re driving or operating an automobile/motor vehicle or equipment. Thank you.

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